Self-Starting Entrepreneurs to Grow a Mid-Sized Consultant Platform

The brief

Cyan Partners was engaged by a mid-sized Consultant Platform. The two founders were looking to build out their offering to meet increased demand post Covid lockdowns.

The challenge

Consultancy is a growing yet still relatively new part of the legal market. It’s a challenge to find like-minded, entrepreneurial spirited senior lawyers that are willing to enter a role that doesn’t come with the same security as in-house or private practice positions.

Consultant lawyers need to be top quality with a strong work ethic at the right point in their career – timing is very important. Additionally, in this particular case, the founders didn’t immediately have work for all the consultants, so the lawyers had to be fairly self-supporting and relaxed about income.

The results

After a sustained internet campaign and targeted networking and headhunting we identified a number of potential candidates for the business. This has resulted in the addition of five consultants to the business, one a month over five months. We continue to work with the business and assist them with bringing new lawyers to the platform.