FAQs for law firms and businesses seeking impact lawyers

Written by Chris Cayley



Q: What does this collaboration between Cyan Partners and Pro Lawyer ESG mean for my law firm or business?


A: By joining together we’re able to enhance our focus on legal impact roles, offering you a unique level of expertise in ESG, Sustainability, and Business & Human Rights recruitment. You'll benefit from broader market knowledge and a wider talent pool, meeting your growing needs for specialist expertise.


Q: How can this collaboration help me find the right candidate?


A: By combining Cyan Partners’ extensive recruitment experience with Pro Lawyers ESG's specialist focus, together we can offer a more comprehensive range of candidates, with the skills you need. Our mission-led approach aims to bridge the gap between your needs and candidate awareness, providing a pivotal connection point for outstanding opportunities and candidates.


Q: What types of roles can you help us fill?


A: This collaboration expands our recruitment capabilities to include a broader range of legal impact roles, such as those in ESG, Sustainability, and Business & Human Rights. Whether you're seeking in-house counsel or private practice lawyers with impact experience, we are talking to and can find  the right candidates for you.


Q: How do we start the recruitment process?


A: Simply contact us to discuss your specific needs. We’ll help to guide you through the recruitment process, from initial consultation to candidate placement, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience.


Q: What sets you apart from other recruitment agencies?


A: Our unique blend of industry insight, authenticity, and a mission-led approach makes us your perfect partner for legal impact roles. We offer tailored solutions, transparent dealings, and are always available when you need us, ensuring you receive the level of service you are looking for. 


Q: Can we expect a personalised service?


A: Absolutely. We’ll partner with you to deliver tailored recruitment solutions that meet your unique needs. Our approach is proactive, efficient, and results-driven, ensuring you find the right candidate for your specific requirements.

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