Press Release - Cyan Partners and Pro Lawyers ESG Announce Strategic Collaboration to transform ESG Legal Recruitment

Written by Chris Cayley



London,10th  October 2023

Cyan Partners, a leading recruitment consultancy specialising in the legal sector, and Pro Lawyers ESG, an emerging force in legal impact roles, have announced a new strategic collaboration. This alliance aims to transform the legal recruitment market with an enhanced focus on the burgeoning field of impact recruitment, spanning Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Sustainability and Business and Human Rights roles.


This new collaboration will support the growing needs of both law firms and in-house legal teams. With rising demand across the legal sector for specialist expertise in ESG and sustainability matters, Cyan Partners and Pro Lawyers ESG will combine their strengths, knowledge and resources to offer a unique level of legal impact recruitment expertise for legal clients and candidates. 

An established and trusted name in legal recruitment, this collaboration signifies a brand new additional focus on legal impact roles, for Cyan Partners. Client law firms and businesses seeking in-house counsel will benefit from broader market knowledge and a wider talent pool. Candidates will join a community active in impact and gain access to resources designed to further their careers. 

For Pro Lawyers ESG’s clients and candidates, the collaboration promises greater value and momentum in the market. Clients will be able to draw on Cyan Partner's extensive recruitment experience, amplifying the choices and resources available to both sides.

With a blend of professional excellence and a genuine desire to be mission-led, Cyan Partners and Pro Lawyers ESG are not just meeting the needs of today but helping to shape the future of the legal sector. The alliance aims to set a new direction for the legal recruitment industry, particularly in ESG and Sustainability, establishing a pivotal connection point for top roles and candidates, as well as addressing the current gap between client needs and candidate awareness. 




Chris Cayley of Cyan Partners said, "This collaboration is more than strategic. Over recent months the need for talent in ESG and climate issues has been palpable. We're joining forces to become the go-to destination for legal Impact recruitment, bridging the gap between specialist roles and qualified candidates in addition to what we have already been doing here at Cyan. We’re determined to play our part in the transition to a sustainable future."

Sangeet Kaur of Pro Lawyers ESG added, "Our partnership with Cyan represents a dynamic shift in how the legal industry approaches impact recruitment. Together, we're not just making placements; we're building a community."


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Chris Cayley, Managing Director, Cyan Partners
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Sangeet Kaur, Director, Pro Lawyers ESG
Phone: 07749 866673


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Pro Lawyers ESG is dedicated to the talent sourcing of ESG, Corporate Sustainability and Business & Human Rights Lawyers, ESG & Sustainability Operational Heads as well as non-law support professionals in their subject-niche for law firms, in-house legal departments, legal organisations and non-profits.

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