We are excited to be working with a unique and dynamic company that is challenging the insurance market from the inside out. The business is one of a kind, representing policy holders and taking on the big providers to ensure fairness and accountability.


As the business grows, we need lawyers to drive it forward and we are seeking insurance (contentious or non-contentious) lawyers who want to turn their hand to a different way of doing things. We are also very keen to hear from insurance lawyers who can speak a European language fluently.  You must be academically robust and have a forensic mind to navigate the complexities of insurance policies and potential risks companies are seeking coverage for.  You will need to be a quick-thinker, a problem-solver and have an ability to multi-task.


It takes a certain kind of lawyer to work in this business; you must be confident, energetic and robust. Your desire to get your teeth into something and not let go is very helpful, as is the desire to challenge and change the status quo. We are less concerned about your technical legal expertise, although we will check on that, and more interested in who you are and how you work.


For the successful individuals this company offers a chance to participate in its success with a share scheme open to all, and bonuses to reward hard work. In return for your commitment, you will be welcomed into a fun, vibrant and fast-paced company. Not many can say that in the insurance sector!!